Are You Sure Elevator Cables are Safe and Never Broke?



Ever seen an action movie in which a hero gets in an elevator, but the villain of the story cuts the elevator cables? But that's a reel part. Does it happen in real as well? Fortunately not! Elevators have multiple safety features and this kind of stuff never happens.

Every cable elevator system includes steel cables that are bolted to the car loop over a sheave. This sheave is a pulley having a grooved rim surface and it is located at the top of the elevator shaft. The grooves of the sheave grip the steel cables. So, when the electric motor rotates the sheave of the cable elevator system, cables move simultaneously.

The cables used for lifting the car are connected to a counterweight hanging down on the other side of the sheave.

Manufacturers produce each elevator cable using several lengths of steel material wound around one another. These cables are rarely snap and supervisors make checks for wear and tear. But you should know that the steel cable can break and you may wonder what would happen next.

Majority of pulley elevators have multiple cables between four and eight total. So, when any cable snapped, other cables would hold the elevator car up. Moreover, just single cable is enough to do it.

Don't bother jumping
At times you may hear that you need to jump instantly prior the elevator crashes, so you would be “floating” at the second of impact. Do you think it will work? Don't be a fool. It won't help you and will hurt you instead.

Have you heard of hybrid flat elevator cables yet? These are reaching to the market.

Hybrid flat elevator cable has copper control wires, optical fibers and copper telecom wires. Optical fibers are new addition and soon these products will be available across the globe.

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